Sweet Pea - Flora Norton Seeds

Strongly scented light blue blooms

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Sweet Pea - Flora Norton Seeds
Sweet Pea - Flora Norton Seeds

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From the Garden Gear range of flower seeds, this variety of Sweet Pea dates from 1905.  Sweet Pea Flora Norton is a lovely, clear, light blue flower with very large wings compared to standard blooms and is strongly scented. 

Cultivate in mid October under glass after chipping the seed coating and sow one seed per pot. Protect from frosts. May also be sown in March and planted out when the danger of frost has passed or directly into soil in mid April. Give plants netting or sticks to climb.

Sowing Time: Mid October or May

Approx. Number of Seeds - 10

Sowing Depth - 2 cm

Approx. Height of plant - 180 cm

Approx. Spread of Plant - 30 cm

Planting Position - Full Sun