Mint - Black Peppermint Seeds

Aromatic herb with a strong flavour

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Mint - Black Peppermint Seeds
Mint - Black Peppermint Seeds
Mint - Black Peppermint Seeds
Mint - Black Peppermint Seeds

Product Description

From the Garden Gear range of herb seeds, Black Peppermint is an aromatic herb with a strong flavour that can be used in salads, herbal teas and for flavouring sweets and ice-creams. 

This hardy perennial herb has attractive purplish coloured foliage and stems along with pale pink flowers will attract beneficial insect to the garden.  The leaves of this herb can be dried and are especially good for making herbal tea that has been traditionally used to aid digestion.

Sow the seeds on the surface of damp, firmed compost but do not cover the seeds with compost.  Germination may take a few weeks but a steady temperature of 18-20 degrees centigrade will aid with germination.  Transplant seedling to pots once established and plant out once risk of frost has passed.

Sowing Time: March to May

Approx. Number of Seeds - 300

Approx. Height of plant - 50cm

Approx. Spread of Plant - restrict growth as can be invasive

Planting Position - Full Sun