French Sorrel Seeds

Slender arrow shaped leaves with a distinct lemon flavour

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French Sorrel Seeds
French Sorrel Seeds

Product Description

From the Garden Gear range of salad seeds, these French Sorrel seeds produce plants approximately 45cm tall.  The leaves, which emerge almost directly from the ground, are big, slender and arrow shaped, green in colour. French sorrel leaves are juicer and sharply acidic compared to those of garden sorrel and possess a distinct lemon flavour.

Seed is best sown in the spring directly 2.5cm deep where it is to grow, germination takes 7-10 days after which seedlings should be spaced approximately 40cm apart and should be kept well watered. French sorrel thrives in moist well drained soil in a sunny/partly shaded position.

Sowing Time: April

Approx. Number of Seeds - 100

Planting Position - Full Sun or Partial Shade