Chilli - Hungarian Hot Wax Seeds

Very productive plant which fruits early

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Chilli - Hungarian Hot Wax Seeds
Chilli - Hungarian Hot Wax Seeds

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From the Garden Gear range of heritage seeds the Hungarian Hot Wax chilli seeds. Hungarian Hot Wax was introduced to this country in the 1930s and is a very productive plant which fruits early.  The Chilli peppers are bright yellow, turning  to red when fully ripe.

Scoville scale: 5,000-15,000

Sowing time: January or February spacing the seeds 2cm apart and lightly cover with compost. Keep warm. Seedlings should be kept in light and warmth but out of direct sunlight. Water from below to encourage strong roots. Plant out in a greenhouse or sunny patio when a second set of leaves has appeared and repot as the plant gets bigger.

Approx. Number of Seeds - 15

Approx. Height of plant - 60 cm

Approx. Spread of plant - 30-50 cm

Sowing Depth - 0.5cm