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Banish January blues

Banish January blues

January in the garden can seem like a particularly bleak time. The days are short, the temperature is cold, and everything is frozen hard. Spring seems a long, long way away.

But you’d be surprised at how much can be done in the garden during this harsh month. There are plenty of crops which can be sown right now to really get your vegetable garden started and make warmer, spring days seem just a little bit closer.

January in the garden is a great time to dig over empty sections of your vegetable plot, then when spring comes it should only need a light forking over before the first sowings of the year can be made.

It’s a good time to evaluate the previous year’s successes and disappointments and stay in the warm and plan this summer’s veg patch.

Good crops to sow right now are garlic and chillies. Chillies will need to be sown indoors but garlic cloves can go outside planted 5cm deep and 18cm apart. Leave around 30cm between rows. You can be harvesting all summer long if you sow it successively.

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Carrots can be sown now under cloches, with the seeds 1cm deep and 1cm apart and broad beans can be sown indoors.

Salad crops, including spinach and lettuce can also be sown indoors right now and radishes can be sown under cloches outside.


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