Mix & Match Sprinkler System

Choose your preferred base and sprinkler head

Maintaining a beautiful garden requires carefully planned irrigation. The Darlac Mix & Match Sprinkler System offers a variety of base and head combinations to provide numerous solutions for gardens of all shapes & sizes.

DW205 Adjustable Tripod Base
DW340 Two Way Spike Base
DW345 Rolling Base

DW310 Impulse Sprinkler Head
DW315 Water Spinner Head
DW325 Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler Head DW335 Mister Bar

DW370 Telescopic Riser

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Darlac Adjustable Sprinkler Tripod
Use to elevate spray over plants and shrubs in order to avoid damage.
Darlac Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler Head
Solid brass construction.
Darlac Impulse Sprinkler Head
Covers between 18m and 24m diameter.
Darlac Rapid Rotor Sprinkler
Produces a fine rain like mist
Darlac Rolling Sprinkler Base
Sprinkler location is easily changed without turning off the water.
Darlac Telescopic Riser
Use with any Darlac sprinkler head and base combination.
Darlac Two-Way Sprinkler Spike
Perfect for lawns or use in beds with the telescopic riser.
Darlac Water Spinner Head
This sprinkler head operates even at low pressure.